Desmond McRory

DIRECTOR'S NOTE: In August 2014, Desmond McRory's, "Fog on Lower Creek" (shown at top right) was chosen by the Moravian College's Payne Gallery to become part of their permanent collection. Congratulations, Desmond! He wrote: "I'm fortunate to live along a creek that changes in character depending on the season and weather conditions, supplying many painting subjects. Early one fall morning fog descended on the creek bathing the landscape in a mist of subtle blues, greens, and purples. The dreamlike nature of the scene appealed to me and called for a painting."

Desmond McRory was introduced to the gallery's patrons in March of 2014 and quickly became a favorite of the gallery's collectors. He considers himself to be a tonalist painter, simplifying his subject matter and setting the mood with an overall tone of colored atmosphere or mist, as seen in his recent WInter Hedgerow.

McRory is a local artist, born in Bucks County and now living in Hunterdon County, NJ. He's been painting for the last 30 years. He learned painting largely through self-study, which included visits to major museums in America and Europe. His recent works concentrate on the landscapes in and around Bucks and Hunterdon counties.

In describing his style, he says, "I realized about 5 years ago that my heart is really at home in an artistic style that flourished about 100 years ago: tonalism. Many of the prominent Bucks County Impressionists began painting in a tonalist style. The father of the New Hope Art Colony, William Lathrop, never really completely abandoned that style. Tonalist painters attempt to capture the mood of scene without a great reliance on specific detail or saturated colors. There's a spiritual sense to tonalist works that really appeals to me."

Interviewed in March of 2014 by Bruce Gage and Joan Van der Veen on their weekly radio show, Desmond spoke of his journey as an artist and his first SIlverman Gallery exhibit, Break in the Wall:

"While studying in Europe, I bought a Eurail pass and a Youth Hostel pass and would spend my free time in art museums and galleries. In London's Tate Museum I was drawn to the paintings of Joseph William Turner, noting how his style transformed from photo realistic to Impressionistic. I remember thinking "what is he seeing that I am not?"


COMING MARCH 2017: Desmond McRory Solo Exhibition

Desmond McRory
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