John Kane

John Kane’s work has long been a favorite of Bucks County collectors. After years of working as an illustrator in New York City, his move to the Erwinna area provided a fertile abundance of artistic freedom and inspiration. His direction is not set in stone, nor does it follow a linear path. Looking at one of his landscapes you are captivated by the sunlight on the side of a building, your eyes following a receding tree or fence line. As an artist, Kane is led to experiment and explore. “I am influenced by whatever I see this week. Lately I have been ramping up the color, pumping up everything, even the lines of buildings. I love what I am doing!”

Exaggerated colors (some straight from the tube), varying palettes and playing with the mechanics of painting keep things fresh and interesting. I am enamored with all the materials and textures, good paint is like frosting or butter, the quality is amazing.” A quick sketch and notes on a napkin may become “something great, something out of nothing, pulled from the air, I’m only in charge of my little painting. I can do anything and throw it in the garbage if I want . . . the end result may lead to something else.”

Myles Cavanaugh